Now after Lifetime released their idea of making a biopic of the late singer Aaliyah’s life her family vowed to stop production of the movie at all cost. The family was not contacted about Lifetime’s idea of making a biopic of Aaliyah’s life, so they do have a right to be upset; but some say the family is upset for other reasons. Aaliyah had a very controversial relationship with R. Kelly who was her mentor at the time.

Aaliyah was only 15 when they first met, but rumors surfaced that the two had a deeper relationship than just professional. Both denied the claims of being in a relationship, but when marriage liscense surface things just got weird; eventually Aaliyah’s family annulled the marriage.

If this is all true that the two were married then that should be in the biopic, if you’re going to tell a story tell the entire story. Other people are saying Aaliyah is not here anymore to tell her side of the story