Celebrating Aaliyah’s Music
Today as many of you know marks the 15 year tragic death of R&B princess Aaliyah.
She left a incredible mark on the music industry and no one has since emerged with her talent,swag and spirit.She was truly on the brink of an incredible career and her music still stands the test of time.
Hot Bowl 2015
Aaliyah vs Rihanna this is an epic battle here. Aaliyah is a heavy influence on Rihanna's career but is Rihanna hotter than Aaliyah vote now in Hot Bowl 2015.
Lifetime explores Aaliyah's Relationship With R. Kelly
Now after Lifetime released their idea of making a biopic of the late singer Aaliyah’s life her family vowed to stop production of the movie at all cost. The family was not contacted about Lifetime’s idea of making a biopic of Aaliyah’s life, so they d…
Spilling The Tea Giving You The 411
It Tea TIME!! Spilling the tea on all your favorite celebrities giving you The 411 Putting you in the Know, If you ain't already Know!
Well it looks like besides much heart break and jail letters and calls there are some benefits to being Chris Brown Girlfriend...
Zendaya As Aaliyah
It's been 13 years since the music industry lost the beautiful and talented Aaliyah.  Disney's Zendaya Coleman has been cast to play the singer in the Lifetime biopic of her life.

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