The Aaliyah biopic finally aired Saturday (Nov. 15) and the verdict is in. The overall consensus: Lifetime and executive producer Wendy Williams did not do the Princess of R&B’s legacy justice.

Aaliyah fans and critics alike took to social media to tear the movie to shreds. Even Timbaland, who worked closely with the songstress, felt the movie “wasn’t done right.”

“I felt like I let my emotions get the best of me on certain things because at the end of the day everybody watched that,” Tim told New York’s Hot 97 in an interview after the film aired. “If I am a businessman and I run a TV show, whether it is bad or good ratings; I got ratings. All you gotta do is cut it on… Everybody’s curiosity turned on to Lifetime.  Whoever didn’t know about Lifetime before, now they do.”

The Grammy Award-winning producer's sentiments were also felt by Missy, who was also portrayed in the film. Although Tim confirmed he hadn't spoken to Missy since the biopic aired, he told Hot 97 she wasn't pleased about the announcement of the Lifetime film either.

Tim said he was shocked ‘Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B’ found its way to the small screen, stating that when he first heard of the biopic he thought it was a joke or a rumor. When reality sunk in on Saturday, Tim was so disappointed with the outcome -- he doesn’t know who to blame (Lifetime or Wendy Williams) for the “disaster."

He did poke fun at the talk show host, who was the executive producer of the biopic, posting a meme to his Instagram account, which read "Wendy Williams you know you f---ed up right?"

“I don’t want to just diss this lady [Wendy Williams] like that, I want to know the full details, before I really, really go in,” Timbaland said. “The only thing that I know is that you are showing a mockery on TV.”

Listen to Timbaland’s Interview About the Aaliyah Biopic on Hot 97