There is a rumor going around that Cardi B might actually perform at the Super Bowl. For some strange reason, I thought she already performed at the SuperBowl last year with Bruno Mars, turn out I'm wrong.

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TMZ says there's a hang-up. Cardi doesn't want to show up just to do that song. Supposedly, she's negotiating for her own solo set as well.

It's unclear whether the NFL would go for that. But a lot of people have called for a hip-hop artist on the show, because the Super Bowl is being held in Atlanta, where rap is a big deal right now.

Haven’t we all had enough of Cardi B, she has gotten kicked out of more venues than any other artist I can remember in the past couple of years. I put Cardi B in the same category as Bhad Barbie, both of them are gimmicks.

Now in Cardi’s defense, she is better than Bhad Barbie but not by much. I started to get tired or Cardi B when she got kicked out of the Hotel in Albany. You hear more about Cardi’s antics on social media post more than anything related to her music. Before you say it NO I’M NOT HATING ON CARDI B, she has made a lot of money from her personality. Overexposure has always gotten on my nerves and right now I feel like Cardi B, is overexposed and overrated.

There is a long list of creative talented artist that deserve the opportunity to perform on the largest stage in the world, that surpass Cardi B. When does enough become enough? between Cardi B reminds me a lot of Donald Trump, at this point Im not sure who has more overexposure and gimmicks?

Now I would prefer to see Cardi B, rather than some classic rock group with one foot in the grave, like the NFL usually has for halftime. I'm with Kap this football season so I really don't have any say in who performs, so what do you think should Cardi B perform at the Superbowl?

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