You might have heard me talking about Lia Cars' idea to get out in the community to learn more about problems with violence in Albany. As you all know, Albany has been having some trouble this summer with violence and when I have an opportunity to make a difference in this community, I always want to do my part.

We're excited to work with SNUG, an organization based in Albany that is dedicated to finding ways to help break the cycle of poverty and violence among young people in the city

The idea is pretty simple: A SNUG youth employee is going to create a handful of T-shirt designs and we'll have the community vote on their favorite. Then, W.B. Mason will give Lia Cars a discount on printing the T-shirts, which we'll then sell as a fundraiser for SNUG. The SNUG youth will get to experience some business skills throughout the process, too.

If you think that all sounds like a win-win-win, let me assure you: It gets better. W.B. Mason donated four Yankees tickets to SNUG so some of their kids could have an amazing field-level experience!

As you can see on the video, Justin Gaddy and Brother Demetrius Irby at SNUG couldn't believe W.B. Mason donated the tickets, and they're excited to give their youths these opportunities.

It wasn't all business, though. Nick from Lia brought a 2019 BMW X3 for us to drive to our meeting. It had a killer sunroof and — whew — I really felt it when the horsepower came out of the stable, as Nick put it.

Check back at for more updates on our project with SNUG and if you're in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, be sure to check out Lia Auto Group at