When Lia Cars came to me with an idea to get out in the community to learn more about problems with violence in Albany I got on board right away. As you all know, Albany has been having some trouble this summer with violence and when I have an opportunity to make a difference in this community, I always want to do my part.

This week, Nick from Lia brought an RC350 F Sport for me to drive over to our friends at SNUG, an organization based in Albany that is dedicated to finding ways to help break the cycle of poverty and violence among young people in the city. The ride was sweet, but when we got to Albany, it was time to get down to business.

We met Justin Gaddy and Brother Demetrius Irby from SNUG who told us about their own struggles with violence and how they came to embrace the need for change in Albany. Check out the entire video here:

At the end of the day, they want young people to grow up with opportunities that allow them to avoid the problems they had. Nick from Lia asked them directly: underlying everything, what's the cause?

Brother Demetrius Irby answered: "lack of knowledge." Young people need education and jobs that give them a better vision for what they can become in life and what they can do with their life. That got us thinking about what we could do to help their cause.

Here's the plan: We are going to work with SNUG and head out in the community to sell slick t-shirts to benefit their organization. Keep an eye out for more details about how we are going to work with Lia Cars and SNUG to make this happen and get the kids they work with some valuable experience working in their community.