DJ Khaled is known to be a multi-tasker, and over the weekend the Miami rapper not only shot a video for Kiss the King’s latest single ‘I Wish You Would’ he was able to get Kanye West to shoot his video for ‘Cold’ all in the same day.

Veteran director Hype Williams was on hand to shoot both videos as Rick Ross and West joined Khaled on the ‘I Wish You Would’ set. MTV News was able to grab a sneak peak of the rap trifecta wearing all-black outfits and gaudy gold jewelry. For the ‘Cold’ video, Khaled did his ad-libs and let Yeezy do his thing in a narrow hallway.

From what we gather, it looks as if the ‘Cold’ video might be just a lead-in segment for the ‘I Wish You Would’ clip, but again, this is only a guesstimate.

Nevertheless, DJ Khaled describes the shoot as a historical moment between one of rap’s most powerful conglomerates. “I just wanna thank Ross and Kanye and We the Best, YMCMB, MMG (Maybach Music Group) and G.O.O.D. Music for supporting this amazing video, because it’s gonna be historical,” Khaled told MTV News. “It’s one of them videos where the world’s gonna love [it] and the streets are gonna embrace it.”

Now that’s a cold statement.

Watch Kanye West + DJ Khaled on the Set of ‘Cold’

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