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A young couple, recently married, shared a photo their wedding photographer snapped shortly after their ceremony outside of an area Stewart's Shops, and the photo has since gone viral!

Some are calling it "The Most Upstate New York Thing Ever"

What do you think?

Kelly Moran tells us that she and her husband are from Windham, but they always wanted to get married in Upstate, New York, and that's what they did - celebrating with friends and family a few weeks back.

But the impromptu photo which was taken at a Stewart's in Tannersville wasn't planned and almost never happened

"My aunt," she explained, "drove our convertible to the church so that we could drive it to the reception after our ceremony, but she didn’t have time to stop for gas."

Once the newlyweds left the venue, they stopped quickly at the shop in Tannersville which according to Moran "has been a favorite of my family for decades."

But why is she the one pumping gas in the photo?

"The reason I’m pumping the gas is (because) my husband, Gabriel, ran into the shop to grab me a pre-reception iced coffee," and that's when Juan, their photographer seized the moment as bride and groom shared a post-wedding smooch, pumping away their life savings.

Is this the "Most Upstate New York Thing Ever"

That's for you to decide, but for newlyweds Kelly and Gabriel, "there couldn’t have been a more fun way to celebrate our first few moments married."

And once again, we agree!

Photo: Dreamstreet Photography and @fadeandlight
Kelly and Gabriel share a "Stewart's First Kiss" in Tannersville, NY shortly after their wedding a few weeks ago. Is this not one of "The Most Upstate New York" things ever?

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