For a limited time, the popular cat food is giving New York City cat lovers the feline culinary experience.

I have two cats and while I am sometimes jealous of their lifestyle of eating with tons of sleeping, I have never thought to myself "Gee, I wish I could dive into a dish salmon and shrimp feast with gravy." But apparently, there must be some human interest somewhere because Fancy Feast is dipping its paw into a unique venture.

That is exactly what inspired "Gatto Bianco," Fancy Feast's  human menu inspired by their cat food "medleys." Fancy Feast's in-house chef actually teamed up with a Michelin Star winner to create the menu for humans.

So what cat-inspired dishes are we talking about? The menu lists items like beef short ribs, salmon, and more inspired by Fancy Feast cat food dishes.

According to the New York Post, a pop-up Italian restaurant will be serving up the Gatto Bianco menu at a secret location in New York City this Thursday, August 11th, and Friday, August 12th.

Now if you want to dine like a feline, reservations for these special sittings are already booked up on Open Table. But if you are really in getting the Fancy Feast experience, you can always try to put these dishes together yourself using the online recipes.

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