Fans of FOX’s Empire may have been shocked that Malik Yoba’s character, Vernon Turner won’t go on to see the full landscape of the show’s ratings eutopia but there may be a good reason for it.


According to TMZ

“To this day, I don’t know — in the infinite wisdom — who thought it was the best approach, but someone did. I never got a clear answer on it. But it wasn’t about the work or ethics or work ethics. It was the plot line. Vernon’s gone, but Malik lives on. And — as I’ve told you, Chuck, in private — it’s a great opportunity to push forward the work that I’m doing in terms of building my own empire, if you will.”

The insider stated,

“Malik Yoba is back on drugs and he was making everyone on the set uncomfortable. One star of the show even threatened to quit during the 10th episode, but then they upped their pay to convince them to stay. Fox caught wind of what was going on and gave Lee Daniels an ultimatum: ‘You tell Malik he’s fired or we will.’ Fox also threatened to shelve the show indefinitely if Daniels didn’t do as he was told. So he did, and the rest is history.”

Do you think Uncle Vernon should have gotten killed ? I thought it was a little unrealistic. He is in the middle of a fight and the man he helped to raise wife comes out of nowhere and hits him in the head and he dies instantly ? It seemed out of place to me so there might be something to this rumor.