Safaree, Nicki Minaj's ex, continues to make internet headlines because of his former 14-year relationship with Nicki Minaj and her new relationship with Meek Mill.

Just recently, interviewed him:

Safaree said that he got used to the idea of men wanting his former flame.

"I knew him. We weren't friends," he said, referring to Meek Mill.

"We was cordial. It's obvious that everybody wants her. I don't look at n----- and be like 'This is my boy right here. He would never do that.' Nah, n----. Everybody wants her. I'm not dumb. I've got cousins who used to hit me up and say dumb s---."

I haven't seen an interview where he has bashed Nicki or Meek probably because he has moved on as well. He is rumored to be in a new relationship with Zashia Santiago. When compared to Nicki Minaj, who do you think wins in the looks department?


Safaree is winning in my opinion.