De La has posted the unreleased track "Sho Nuff" to Soundcloud. Hear it below.

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De La Soul is one of the most influential hip-hop groups in the rap game. Since their debut album dropped in 1989, the Long Island-hailing crew has given rap a whole new voice by representing for the colorful, melodic and lovingly-inclined rappers out there. In light of their sophomore album De La Soul Is Dead celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary today (May 13), the group has found a way to bring the music back to life.

Fans of the squad can "mourn" the anniversary of De La Soul's sophomore LP by adding their names to a commemorative online guest book. When they sign the guest book, fans can also hear one of De La's unreleased songs, “Sho Nuff,” from the De La Soul Is Dead recording sessions. "Sho Nuff" was produced by Posdnous and although it never made the final cut of the album, it still embodies De La's soulful cadence as accurately as ever.

In addition to the digital commemoration, memorials have been set up at the Rush Management office at 298 Elizabeth Street in New York City, where De La created the concept for the LP, and Colliope Recording Studio at 37th & 8th Avenue, where the album was recorded back in the day.

When De La Soul Is Dead dropped back in 1991, the alternative rap group aimed to shock and awe their listeners who thought they had gotten comfortable in the sound from 1989’s 3 Feet High and Rising. De La also wanted to fight the image the media had created around them as being beatnik rap hippies.

Twenty five years later and still going strong, De La is slated to drop their eighth studio album And the Anonymous Nobody by the end of the summer. Before they drop ATAN, De La will hit the festival circuit and take the stage at New York's Governor Ball in June.

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