Azealia’s Banks’ recent Twitter antics have just landed her in a timeout. The “212” rapper met her match in her latest “racially driven” feud with former One Direction member Zayn Malik and her Twitter account has been suspended.

Now that she’s lost her tweeting privileges, in pure Azealia Banks fashion, she’s taken to Instagram where she expresses her frustration. Captioning a post, "THEM MOTHERFUCKERS GOT ME." She followed that post in what seems like a prelude to some more ranting and maybe even more drama posting: “I’m writing an essay called “whiteness is a mental illness.” Azealia assures us the essay “will be up tonight”. Azealia’s IG account is now private.

In April, Sarah Palin threatened to sue Azealia after being explicitly dragged on Twitter by the rapper. Over the years, Banks beefed with Iggy Azalea for well, more obvious reasons. On Thursday (May 12), The opinionated MC has caused a lot of tension on Twitter with hate-filled rants, random beefs and her (seemingly unnecessary) bullying.

The final straw for Twitter was the recent racial slurs she hurled at Zayn Malik, following a tweet about "whiteness" being a "mental illness."

Meanwhile, Banks is also reportedly being investigated by the U.K.'s Home Office, a government agency that looks into immigration, drugs and counterterrorism policies abroad, over her racist tweets at Zayn. There's a possibility that Banks could be banned from entering the U.K. if they feel she violated their policy.

Check out Azealia Banks posts below.

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