Danny Brown is known for his raw sense of humor. That's not all there is to him though. Fans who heard the first half of his 'Old' album and the second half of the 'XXX' LP know there's a darker side to him. That part of Brown showed itself in a Twitter rant today (Feb. 10).

The Detroit native was arriving in the States, according to his tweets, when he vented his frustrations about some of the rougher aspects of fame: fake friends, his public personality versus his inner demons and depression.

"I can't sleep my anxiety is at an all time high but don't none of y'all care about that s---," he says. "Y'all just want me to be goofy ... And make a damn fool out of myself .. Y'all don't give a f--- about me."

The last few years have brought what many thought to be an over-emphasis on friendship in hip-hop -- that's better than beef, no? Brown revealed the camaraderie is a false misconception. "Talk to Mac Miller," one follower suggests.

"He don't give a f--- either," Brown responds.

"F--- all this rap s--- it's fake ... N----s pretend homies not one of these n----s a come to my funeral," he continues.

The rapper also targeted adidas even though he starred in the brand's recent Top Ten campaign. Despite Brown's role in the promotion, he never got his own shoe but instead, 2 Chainz got his own colorway. "F--- Adidas for them trash as 2chainz top tens and wouldn't even give me own color way," he tweets. "U know how my top tens I sold."

Brown also fired off on rappers who try to steal his fanbase by collaborating with him and those who have to be contacted via their assistant despite being his "friend."

The 'Old' artist punctuated his series by stressing at the core of it all was a serious problem.

Brown had hinted at deeper issues outside of his music before. He was asked about what keeps him up at night in a prior Rolling Stone interview and responded by saying, "I have bad nightmares. I don't know. I have to do a lot of s--- to get myself to fall asleep. Just drugs, whatever. Eventually, when I get to sleep, I always have weird dreams, man. It's been going on for so long."