With all of its wanton destruction and neck-snapping and general grimness, 'Man of Steel' really isn't the most kid-friendly superhero movie out there. However, it has major one young fan in the 16-month old boy featured in the video above, whose joyful reaction to a key scene in the film should melt even the most cynical of hearts and remind you that as cool as superhero movies can be, they're still at their best when they're instilling wonderment in kids.

The video is simple enough: YouTube user Iribbit puts his young son on his lap and hits play on the "first flight" sequence of Zack Snyder's Superman blockbuster, where Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) takes to the skies and literally flies all over the world. At first, the kid seems interested, but not necessarily enraptured. However, once the last son of Krypton is in the air, his puzzled look becomes one of absolute joy. It's internet video gold.

With so many comic book fans getting older, it's easy to forget that characters like Superman and Batman don't always belong in dark, complicated stories dealing with vicious villains and moral greyness. These characters' greatest contributions to our culture aren't movies like 'Man of Steel' or 'The Dark Knight,' but rather the inspiration and courage they can give young kids. This video will make you happy, but isn't it a little sad that the rest of 'Man of Steel' will probably be too violent and long for him for at least a decade?

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