Invasive insects, fish and now plants! Well, plants are nothing new to New York but perhaps you didn't know that there is one in particular that is not only invasive but it is so poisonous that it could cause 3rd degree burns if you happen to touch it. DO NOT TOUCH! 

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is monitoring active sites and plants in the Capital Region!

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As you head outdoors this Summer keep an eye out for the Giant Hogweed plant. This invasive and poisonous plant can be found throughout New York, especially in the Central and Western part of the state. According to the DEC, the Giant Hogweed will be found growing near streams and rivers. You can also find it in fields, forests, yards and roadsides. Basically everywhere!

DO NOT TOUCH! If you do happen to come in contact with the Giant Hogweed wash with soap and water immediately! Once you wash thoroughly stay out of sunlight for 48 hours. The poisonous oil from the plant activates when exposed to sunlight and could cause 3rd degree burns.

The Giant Hogweed looks harmless and was actually introduced as a decorative plant for gardens. Well, that was a dumb idea. Today New York State law prohibits possession with the intent to sell, import, purchase or transport. Not sure why you'd want to do that anyway.

The Giant Hogweed can be very tall growing 14 feet or more. It has large leaves with a white flower at the top. Instead of me telling you about it, take a look at it and stay away from it!

Photo by Aleksey Milov on Unsplash
Photo by Aleksey Milov on Unsplash

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