A strange vending machine was found one that serves up ink pens that authorities believe are for smoking drugs.
Here is how it all went down according to ABC NY 7.

Town of Brookhaven officials and Suffolk County police are trying to figure out who placed three potential crack pipe vending machines, dubbed as pen vending machines, in Coram and Medford.

The "pens" cost $2 each, and the machines would accept the payment in the form of eight quarters.

This looks like a regular ink pen to me but I don't smoke crack, so I have no idea what is going on here. I have a couple of questions, where did they even get this machine from? I have never seen a vending machine for ink pens in my life.

Also, how did they know that there was a market for crack pipe pens in this neighborhood? Nobody would just place this costly machine that dispenses crack pipes somewhere where it wouldn't be profitable.

This whole incident is very weird and I doubt the person responsible for this innovation in drug smoking will never be found. I doubt that these were for smoking crack, I do suspect from the neighborhoods they found them in these pens are used for smoking meth.

I think local authorities and the media just labeled this as for smoking crack because it brings more attention. I'm surprised one of these machines didn't pop up in Watervilet.

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