I just happened to catch some of the country music awards. I was picking up pizza and the shop had the CMA's on dont judge me. I was shocked to see a group of country singers singing Pharrell's Happy with out Pharrell. When did this become country music ? It amazes me how hip hop is the source of a lot of American popular culture but it is never given credit.

Now a lot of people will argue me up and down that Pharrell .... from the Neptunes who crafted songs for Jay-Z Nas N.O.R.E. and many more Hip Hop artist isnt hip hop anymore, which makes absolutely no sense. Anyways check out the performance let me know what you think. People watching the awards were saying Rascal Flatts did a better job at singing Pharrell's song than Pharrell, that makes no sense either. I think its dope that Pharrell made a song that transcends genre's races and ages, and he should be given credit for that. This is the same thing that Hip Hop culture has done and it is hardly given the credit it deserves.