Pharreezy was happy to jump aboard season 7 of NBC's The Voice as their new vocal coach replacing Cee Lo Green. You mean we actually can stop watching him?. Yes, we can!

The Grammy winning, Oscar nominated, singer, songwriter, producer of the year who just dropped his second album "GIRL" couldn't be happier. 2014 is his year, and now he joins The Voice as a vocal coach.

Pharrell made a guest appearance on season 4 of The Voice serving as a mentor to Usher's team.  Pharrell will be replacing former judge & mentor Cee Lo Green. Although both have a unique sense of fashion, I'd rather be watching Pharrell with his smoky the bandit hat or short tux over Cee Lo anyday, jus' sayin.  We are happy to see more of Pharrell!

Pharrell also just finished working on the Amazing Spider Man 2 with Hans Zimmer as part of The Magnificent Six.