Senator Cory Booker stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning after announcing last week that he would be running for President in 2020. Booker joins the likes of Kamala Harris in the race as she announced that she would be running for office just a week before the senator. Booker started off by thanking Charlamagne for keeping black radio going and continuing to inspire others,

Speaking on what made him decide to run for president he had to say: " Well look for me for me my whole career has been about going about solving problems folk's said couldn't be solved, I came out of law school, moved into a tough neighborhood taking on slum lords head one", continuing to say "I think a lot of folks are starting to think that the forces that are tearing us apart are stronger than the ones keeping us together, I just don't believe that I think its time that we get back to bringing people back together."

Charlamagne asked asked the senator if he has a specific agenda for black people and if so what is it? His response was: "As a black person, so much of the reality of all Americans, African americas have been the conscious of this nation since it's founding", Booker continues on by saying "I'm the only United States senator who lives in an inner city community, below the poverty line, by choice, because you never forget the people who get you into office".

Cory Booker is also one of six senators that refuses to take cooperate money, speaking on the matter he say that he wants to run a regular campaign with normal donations and now help from big name companies.

Check out Cory Booker's Full Interview on The Breakfast Club below :

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