Good news fairgoers! It looks like we will be able to experience all of the county fairs and local festivals this summer. Although last year fairs got creative with drive-up fair food festivals, it's nice to know that we can actually go into the fairs and enjoy what they have to offer, from the deep-fried foods to the rides, and games on the midway.

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Finally some guidance and information for county fairs and local festivals in the Capital Region and throughout New York state. There must be approval from the NY State Department of Health with events that will have more than five thousand people attending according to News 10 ABC.

If there isn't proof of full vaccination status, patrons will be required to maintain a safe distance of six feet or stay with members of their own family. It is up to local fairs and festivals to require masks, and according to the CDC, masks will be required for unvaccinated visitors in certain settings, and inside where the status of those vaccinated is unknown.

There is nothing like heading to the county fair and all of the festivals we have here in the Capital Region. I am so happy that we are able to have these types of events again. I am also glad that I am fully vaccinated so now I can go to all of the fairs and enjoy all of the foods. I can't wait to try all things deep-fried. The Oreos, pickles, funnel cakes, butter, Twinkies, tacos, Snickers, and all things that are greasy and deliciously deep-fried. Bring on the fairs!

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