Cohoes Middle School is going viral, but not because of anything the students are doing, but because of the sign they put in front of the school.

Does you kid play Fortnite? I don't have children but I know the power of addiction to a video game firsthand. It seems as if this is the recent game that everyone is playing and no one can put down. Cohoes Middle School took notice and changed the sign outside of their school to make fun at what their students were doing.

I happen to see this first on the Albany Subreddit, and it's grown since then. The sign says, "Fortnite Detox 8:00am-3:00pm daily." I can only assume that as it scrolls through practices and events, this comes up. This is hilarious! Until schools add a video game class to their curriculum, those 7 hours may be the only time your kid is actually detoxing from the game. Great job, Cohoes, love the creativity!

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