Springtime is finally here, and with the coming of spring, preparations for summer events begin to take place.  If you are a school-age child who is old enough to work, check out the Albany REC program because they are looking to fill positions for the summer season.

Although the summer jobs are targeted towards working-age children, anyone who is eligible to work is welcome to fill out an application and possibly join the Albany REC program.

Seasonal jobs begin at $15.52 an hour, with some jobs going up to $17 an hour.  The department is looking for Lifeguards, Rangers, Swim Instructors, and Site Supervisors. They need someone to work as the Summer Food Coordinator, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Camp Director, and Camp Counselors.

They are also hoping to hire someone for office positions such as Marketing REC Interns, Office aids, and Business Operations Interns.

The REC Program is reaching out to all individuals in the Albany area.  It does not take long to fill out the application and submit it.  Don’t be a procrastinator about this because the time for summer events is closing in on us fast.  Take the time to visit the City of Albany website at albanyny.gov and look for the link for Join REC.

The website will give you very easy-to-follow instructions on how to fill out the application. You will also see a complete list of all the job openings available as well as the pay for those specific jobs.  They will also let you know what season that they are hiring for.

Don’t procrastinate, snatch up one of those government summer jobs to keep yourself busy over the summer and also put some money in your pocket.

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