A couple nights ago Chris Brown hopped on Ustream, which he hasn't done in almost a year to promote his new album by giving us a private listening section and street art show. To be completely honest, if Chris ever wanted to change up careers, he's got street art genius in the bag.

Breezy's 'Fortune' album was set to move 120,000-140,000 units its first week which would place him at the top of the charts and around the same amount Usher sold (128,000 units). Chris per usual immediately took to his Twitter to boost the sales and talk to fans saying :

"52 States, 35 Thousands Cities, album out!!!! 10.5 million followers on twitter, 20+ milliion on facebook! Challenge?"


"Who is really TeamBreezy?? If u got the album take a picture with it! some of y’all posing. #BuyFortune"

Chris then went live on Ustream and created artwork for his fans while previewing his new album, which i seriously suggest watching!

Check out the live-stream and some still shots below!




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