No matter what Chris Brown‘s critics think about him, they can’t say he’s not paid. Brown declares his wealth and shows his rougher, more explicit side on the new track ‘B—- I’m Paid.’

Atop a plodding, twinkling rhythm that’s not far off from Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That,’ Breezy raps about his money and his exploits with the opposite sex, and sometimes both at the same time. He spits, “My occupation is to occupy all this nation / Communication with your lady in my new Mercedes / I’m ridin’ around with my top down / Too much smoke up in her weave / Better let that sh– air out.”

He continues, “I own this necklace / Matter of fact, all of this my sh– / That’s my ring, that’s my Range / I’m about to make your b—- my b—- / I said money ain’t never no issue.

The track, which surfaced online this week, isn’t likely to win over those who already have a negative opinion of the R&B star, but it will probably please those fans who love when Brown dabbles in hip-hop. It’s not clear whether ‘B—- I’m Paid’ will make it into ‘Fortune,’ Brown’s next album, which drops in June.

Listen to Chris Brown’s ‘B—- I’m Paid’