Childish Gambino has been noticeably more emotional lately. Last week, the rapper posted a series of hand-written notes on Instagram, in which he openly shared his fears, insecurities and relationship worries with the world.

"I definitely was just expressing myself," he shared, assuring fans that the letters weren't a cry for help.

Despite his denial of depression, the man otherwise known as Donald Glover continues his public catharsis on '3005,' the latest track off his recently-announced project, 'Because the Internet.' Channeling his inner-Aubrey Graham on the hook while experimenting with a speedier, animated flow on the verse, 'Bino pours more of his troubled thoughts into the twitchy, bouncy beat.

"I used to care what people thought / But now I care more/  But nobody out here's got it figured out / So therefore I've lost all hope of a happy ending depending on whether or not it's worth it / So insecure, no one's perfect," he begins on the second verse.

Though no release date has been given, it sounds like you should await 'Because the Internet' with open ears and an even wider open heart.

Listen to Childish Gambino's '3005'