Did you throw tantrums as a child when you didn't get your way? Or, possibly, do you still throw tantrums now?

Trust me, I've seen adults throw tantrums....How would you feel if your dad was in the other room mocking you while your brothers and sisters are cracking up? There's a video clip floating around the mighty old Internet today that has some people in a frenzy and others in hysterics.

It's a quick clip that you just have to watch!! Now, first off, the dad is pretty good looking. I aint gonna lie. And, I actually find this video pretty funny, BUT, it sure as hell is not helping the poor child in the other room get over the tantrum they are having. Over what or why, we have no idea. BUT, it also looks like to me, by hot dad's super, dead on , lip synching skills, that this is not the 1st time lil Johnny or Suzie has had such a melt down.

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