Leave it to Rihanna to spice up a Monday morning!

To help fight the boredom as the world enters its weekday routines, the singer took to Instagram to do one of the things that she does best of all: Share intimate photographs with her fans. RiRi, who's currently on tour in Greece, posted pics today (Oct. 21) of her in the bathtub, wearing only giant hoop earrings, soap bubbles and her many tattoos. She retains her modesty thanks to carefully placed knees.

She doesn't even have on a bit of makeup in the shots, both color and black and white. But she looks, of course, flawless:

The scenes bring us back to her music video for 'Stay,' in which she delivers the emotional song while sitting naked in a tub. These pics are a lot more upbeat than that clip, though -- exactly what's needed to fight those Monday morning blues!

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