After EZ Pass stopped cash collections in March, some drivers have been questioning some toll charges.

We have certainly been living through odd times during the pandemic, and the state shutting down cash toll collections has even created issues for some with EZ pass accounts.

A recent Times Union story cited some examples of drivers being mis-charged including one being mistakenly waived through by toll takers and then being charged the toll with a fee for not paying and another who was recently charged for some bridge crossings they did not make. The Times Union says the first driver should have stopped to give their information to be billed, and the latter was caused by a mis-classification of the account. The good news is the Times Union says EZ Pass is working with drivers to rectify any issues.

So if you have an EZ Pass account, while the chances are you will not see anything odd, it is still worth a look at your statements to make sure you did not receive any errant charges. I know for me, my EZ Pass account is one of those set it and forget payments I rarely keep an eye on. Especially since I have not been driving as much during the pandemic, I have been thinking about it even less.. But, hearing about a few other drivers catching some oddities, it is certainly worth a look to make sure everything is in order.

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