Today (Nov. 9) is Election Day, and Chance The Rapper continues his effort to mobilize his fan base in getting involved and voting, leading large crowds to early voting stations in his hometown of Chicago Monday evening following a free concert at Petrillo Music Shell in Grant Park. ABC7 Chicago captured the voting march and concert in the video above.

The early voting march was geared toward millennial voters, Cook County Clerk David Orr saying that pre-Election Day votes had reached over 438,212 as of 8 p.m. Monday evening, surpassing the previous record of 273,661 ballots in 2012. "I think everyone felt really empowered. We're sure of ourselves, and we know that we can go out and make a difference," Ariel Pritchard told ABC7.

In September, Chance partnered with the NAACP to bring voter registration to his Magnificent Coloring World Tour, and in October, he officially put his support behind Hillary Clinton. “Not to sound selfish, but she’s from Chicago so I would hope that she’d be engaged in our city’s current troubles and needs," he said. "She has a certain sincerity that’s hidden by the media. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a woman or because Donald Trump just has a stronghold on the media at this time, but she’s unfairly treated. I can’t really speak on her policies but I feel a certain connection to Hillary Clinton that’s just not there with Donald Trump.”

Catch footage from the voting march below and make sure to go out and vote today.

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