If you were worried about the fate of Soundcloud, you can officially fear no more. Yesterday, reports surfaced that the streaming platform only has enough funding to last until the fourth quarter of 2017, but Chance The Rapper has come to the rescue after vowing to help.

According to the Chicago superstar, the award-winning MC says he had a "fruitful" conversation with Soundcloud co-founder and CEO, Alex Ljung. Chance told his followers that the streaming platform is officially "here to stay."

"Just had a very fruitful call with Alex Ljung. @SoundCloud is here to stay," the rapper tweeted.

Yesterday, the Internet and tons of artists went into a frenzy after hearing of Soundcloud's potential fate. Reports also came forward that revealed that the company had laid off 40 percent of their staff following a "tense" meeting with employees and former employees.

After the news surfaced, Chance originally stated that he was "working on the Soundcloud thing." It looks like he kept true to his word, but we don't exactly have details on how the issue may or may not have been fixed.

XXL has reached out to Chance's team to get more details on his phone call with Ljung.

See the tweets from Chance about working with Soundcloud below and stay tuned for updates.

Chance The Rapper Says After Call With SoundCloud, Streaming Service Is "Here to Stay"

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