Win Your Tickets To See Dru Hill And Friends On July 22nd At The Egg.  Hot 991 and Super Soul Fest Bring you Dru Hill & Friends.  Dru Hill will be accompanied with Sisqo, V.I.C., Hot 991's Diggin In The Crates Own "Chubb Rock" and Positive K

DRU HILL reigns as the smooth and sexy R&B quartet singing in four-part harmony with original members Sisqo, Jazz and Nokio, and joined by new addition Tao in 2008. Their award-winning hits include “How Deep Is Your Love”, “In My Bed”, “Never Make A Promise” & “5 Steps”. SISQO’s album, Unleash the Dragon, and its hit single, “Thong Song” established SISQO as a household name outside of Dru Hill.
V.I.C. starts a party EVERYWHERE as soon as the dance sensation “Wobble”… Baby, Wobble Baby hits the speakers. The line-dance anthem of every cookout, family gathering, school party, wedding….
Get ready to WOBBLE on the stage of The Egg!!
CHUBB ROCK‘s fans can’t help but get swept up in the hip hop hype of rapid-fire rhymes that encourages fans to dance and sing along to his classic hits like “Treat “Em Right”, “Just the Two of Us” and “Ya Bad Chubbs.”
 Win your tickets all weekend long any time you hear a Dru Hill song in its entirety TEXT #DRUHILL to 335-5991.


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