We’ve teamed up with Celebrities Barber Shop to get one HOT listener a year of free haircuts. Now it’s time to decide which local “celebrity” is gettin’ the hook-up. We received entries from all around the area. Who do you think looks MOST like their celebrity doppelganger?

You can vote as many times as you’d like – share with your friends!

Nazareen as Beyonce
Fiztroy as Deon Richmond
Chas as DJ Jazzy Jeff
Charlie as Drake
Nathan as Drake
Robbie as Drake
Dimante as Gary Coleman
Curtis as Kanye West
Osman as Kanye West
Rachel as Marilyn Monroe
Felicia as Natalie Portman
Jsant as Pauly D
Melissa as Pink
Troy as Ray J
Cindy as Sarah Palin
Maria as Selena Gomez
Jessica as Taylor Swift
Cheyenne as Beyonce