If you ever wondered how CeeLo feels about Beyoncé, you now have your answer.

"I'm sorry Jay, but I love her too," CeeLo now also known as Gnarly Davidson, starts the comical, yet really strange ode to Beyoncé, which is a reinterpretation of Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl."

The video, directed by John Colombo, features Lil Fun singing his love to Beyoncé in his bedroom, where the walls are covered in posters of the mega pop star.

"Jay Z is the king," he sings about Bey's hubby, "And I'm probably his biggest fan/ But there's a feeling inside that I'm sure he'd understand/ I'm in love with Bey and I wanna be her man."

CeeLo's Gnarly Davidson, single, "F--- Me I'm Famous," dropped last month You can purchase that single here. Check out the video for "Jay Z's Girl" above.

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