You have to be the lookout for shady people everywhere you go, there are always people looking to get over for a quick dollar and Uber is no different. This scam is low down and it takes a special type of person to even think of something like this.

Uber drivers are pretending people are vomiting in the car in order to charge an extra $150

If you throw up in an Uber, you'll get hit with an extra charge of up to $150. So the newest scam drivers are pulling is "vomit fraud" where they claim you threw up, even if you didn't. They might even include fake photos.

Who thinks of scams like this and where did they find the fake vomit? It is not even close to Halloween who has fake vomit laying around in the middle of July? Have any of these type of Uber Scam happened to you? I've heard of fake milage and stealing cell phones but never anything like this.

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