Even though Winter is only a couple of weeks old, the forecast has been pretty mild for the Capital Region, so far.

Typically we look to the experts for the heads up on what to expect but weather forecasters have been frustrating us since I can remember. It often seems like they are wrong, even when they are right. Who can we turn to for reliable predictions? What about the animals around us?

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Long before radar and other forms of technology, farmers would watch the habits of animals to let them know what they are telling us about the weather. Are these patterns and predictions tall tales? Like with any folklore you wonder how much fact or fiction is involved.

Almanac.com says that many animals and humans alike are affected by changes in air pressure. For example, have you ever heard someone say a storm was coming because they can feel it in their bones? When your joints start hurting you’ are feeling the change in atmospheric pressure that comes with an oncoming storm. Animals are no different.

What can we expect from this Winter season? More importantly, what can the animals tell us about what lies ahead?

Can These Animals Predict Weather?

Folklore or forecast? You be the judge.

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