Verzuz hits battles have brought the fighting spirit out of many artists who are willing to test their mettle on the grand stage. Producers Hitmaka and Mustard recently traded shots over who would win between them.

Things began on Thursday (Dec. 30), when one Twitter user posted a clip of Hitmaka being interviewed on The Joe Budden Podcast, on which the artist formerly known as Yung Berg said he could beat Mustard in a Verzuz. "[Mustard] don't want smoke, so just leave that there," Hit told Budden in the interview.

The person who posted the clip on Twitter disagreed with Hitmaka's assessment. "This guy @_Hitmaka must be smoking dick thinking he can beat @mustard is a Verzuz," the Twitter user opined.

Mustard agreed. "He’s high man lol," the California-bred beatmaker replied to the post.

Hitmaka quickly responded to the slight. "No I ain’t," he replied. "In the last 5 years since last time we worked I’ve sold more records & have more number 1’s than you. Im a light one up tho."

Mustard clapped back, "lmfao the fact that you believe that shows how high you really are lol."

Hitmaka responded by showing off a plaque that certified he has 70 million digital sales and 8 billion digital streams. "Really? This 3yrs old I’m couple away from 100 now," he tweeted. "I really got records that’s triple & double platinum & one that’s almost 10 million when bro was like a sophomore in HS he play sum from 2012 I can go there 😂."

The Twitter user who initiated the post then produced numbers to back Mustard's claims. "Not true, Mustard can win off just the last 5 years songs," he tweeted along with a list of songs. The Twitter user did the same for Hitmaka and did not come up with a comparable amount.

From there, Hitmaka challenged Mustard to face him in a battle. "Whole game talking now u took it viral might as well gone head get ya 20 @mustard," Hitmaka tweeted. "I’m the underdog we both get high I know u ain’t ducking no 💨 We can put sum personal bread up make it interesting ☔️☔️☔️."

"Ain’t no long post of what we did this year cause it’s like bragging for working hard which is the norm," he added. "Just know for the last 60 months we have been the most consistent & that’s all that matters n Jesus name."

Mustard then took his taunts to Instagram, reiterating that Hitmaka could not keep pace with him and pondering what the "Sexy Can I" artist was smoking on. Hitmaka moved to IG as well, clarifying that there was no beef, but again sharing his confidence.

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