Since losing 100 pounds a few years ago, Mustard has chronicled his weight-loss journey to #HealthGoals. Through his social media channels like Instagram, his routine check-ins featuring him in the gym and getting active with famous friends have showcased both his progress and his mission to break old dietary habits. His positive outlook on his health makes him the perfect candidate to indulge in an assortment of exotic fruits in the latest episode of XXL's All You Can Eat mukbang challenge series.

During Mustard's mukbang, an array of fruits from around the world, including cotton candy grapes, rambutans, lychees, passion fruit and lulos ("It's like a fake lemon") are laid out in front of him for the taking. Today, he opts for the fleshy sour and sweet varieties in front of him, but when he's on the road touring, sometimes his love for Jamaican food and fried chicken overrides his health conscious mindset.

Although he's been on a winning streak in most areas of his life, one aspect in which he has had his challenges is perfecting a diet that works for his busy schedule. “When you traveling, that shit hard because I want to just eat,” he tells XXL, as he samples some fruit. “You don’t want to think about eating healthy.”

One thing he does to hold himself accountable is to weigh himself in front of the world. Mustard's hilarious Instagram clips find him weighing himself to share his weight-loss journey with his supporters. “I do the Weight Check shit to keep me focused and shit, but I also really did it so people could hold me accountable for bullshit that I be doing like eating out,” says the in-demand hitmaker. Committed to his cause, Mustard has learned to substitute sodas for water and has increased his intake of vegetables and fruits, which could help to explain why he had already been introduced to a few items on the unique fruit menu XXL presented to him. “I think I had this shit before,” he says after tasting a rambutan. “I was overseas somewhere for sure.”

Life is good for Mustard, who is gearing up to join Future and Meek Mill for their Legendary Nights Tour, which kicks off in late August. The host of the forthcoming Summers Fest recently won a Grammy, scored another platinum plaque for the Migos-assisted “Pure Water,” welcomed another baby to his family, moved his sister to Los Angeles and watched as his artist Ella Mai become a star in her own right. Mustard admits he wakes up sometimes thinking, “Damn, this is just too good to be true.” His career and personal milestones have helped to curate his current vibes, while also providing inspiration for his latest album, Perfect Ten.

“I feel like my life is at a perfect 10-ish moment,” says Mustard, whose third album features “Pure Water” and the posse-cut “On God” with YG, Tyga, A$AP Ferg and the recently freed A$AP Rocky.

Want to know which strange fruits satisfied Mustard’s taste buds and why he's happy to make a return to his hip-hop roots? Check out the video below to find out.

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