I always say that someday I will win a ton of money on either a scratch-off or in the lottery. It seems that more Capital Region residents are cashing in. There was another winner that scratched their way to $5 million.  According to the Times Union, Jeremy Stark, from Selkirk, bought a Bankroll scratch-off ticket at the Shop N Save in Ravena and didn't play until the next morning. Jeremy, who is twenty-nine year old father of two and works from home in the insurance business, doesn't usually get his scratch-offs at the Shop N Save.

He said that he wanted a frozen pizza that night so he went into the store out of convenience because he was nearby. He actually went up to the vending machine to get his usual scratch-off and it was out. So he chose the Bankroll one. He got home, had his pizza and didn't play his game until the following morning while sitting at his kitchen table.

Jeremy said he looked over the numbers a few times before he realized he won the $5 million jackpot. Then he called his dad.

He will take a one-time lump-sum that is about $3.3 million after taxes. Jeremy said he will continue to work but keep other options open.

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