I can go on and on about the fun things to do when it's nice outside. From swimming to camping to back yard barbecues to even late night bon fires, but how about catching your favorite movie being played on a big screen out side sound?

With the nice weather finally breaking through and everything that screams nice weather and sun our preparing for opening season, well so are the many capital region drive in's as well.

If you never been to a drive in before well its a must do this year in 2018. Grab some friends, your favorite blanket , make a couple sandwiches and drinks and check out an outdoor movie or two. Don't forget your lawn chairs.

You can catch one of your favorite movies at some of these top  drive in theaters in the 518. Check out movie listings, time and price below.

1) Hathaways Drive In Theater

2) Hollywood Drive in

3) Jericho Drive In

4) Malta Drive In

‘Toy Car Story’ in ‘Cars’


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