This is pretty unreal. Scott Jubic from East Greenbush is a dirt bike enthusiast. He was selling some of his bikes on Facebook Marketplace. Unfortunately, he says this may have made him a target for thieves.

Surveillance video shows two people with hoods and masks break into a locked storage shed on Scott's property. In the first video, you even see one of the thieves look directly into the camera and whisper about it to his accomplice.

One by one, the thieves move the bikes out of the shed, apparently knowing they were on camera. In total there were three bikes stolen. Scott says in his post that each bike had a high grade lock that the thieves were able to easily break through.

His front door Ring camera caught a vehicle driving onto his property around the same time. The vehicle appears to be a UHaul Van, undoubtedly where the stolen bikes were placed and taken away.

Scott says thefts of dirt bikes have been on the increase lately, hence the reason for the extra security of cameras and heavy duty locks he placed on the bikes.

The bikes have yet to be found and Scott is offering a big reward if they are recovered. In fact, with dirt bike thefts on the rise, finding these individuals may help locate other stolen bikes. He calls it almost the equivalent of organized crime.

East Greenbush Police would like to hear from you if you can help their investigation. They can be reached at (518) 479-2525.

[NewsChannel 13]

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