Candy Apples?  Caramel Apples?  The struggle is real.

I am not really sure when it happened but an extensive search on the internet declares the caramel covered apple as the preferred choice of kids (and adults) these days.  In my youth, we only had the shiny red hard crack candy apples at Halloween time.  If a house was giving these away the word quickly spread amongst the little ones and it quickly became a very popular Trick or Treat stop that evening.

I still go for the old hard crack red candy apple.  I love the taste.  Unfortunately, my teeth whisper to me to "pass up the red apple, Big Guy."  So, I usually do.  But frankly, the caramel apples are just as tough on the ivories as the red ones.

I think the popularity of the caramel covered apples came with the advent of cooking shows, and TV shows that made everybody a budding Martha Stewart,  And also from the candy makers themselves who realized that, well, you can just do so much more with a caramel apple.

As you will see in the photographs in this list, the coverings, designs, flavors, and styles for covering a caramel apple are limited only by one's imagination.

So, shiny red crack candy apple, I still love you.  But give me a caramel apple at Halloween this year and I will be perfectly happy!

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