Today's trending topic is 'is it okay for your significant other to Facetime with someone other than you.' I'm not talking about the family, we are talking about "friends" particularly friends of the opposite sex. Do you think Facetiming with someone other than your mate qualify as cheating?

No more FaceTiming my phone (our phone) ladies , she’s not with the shiiiiits no more ‍♂️!!! #mrcommodoreig

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Personally, I don't believe this is a form of cheating. You would never know if your partner was really cheating based off of Facetiming, so why make a big deal out this. All this will do is make your partner work harder to cheat and hides things from you.

If someone wants to cheat you're not going to stop them by making mandates on their cell phone. It takes to much energy to keep track of everyone your partner every move let alone who they are communicating with and how. When you start making a big deal out of nothing often opens up the idea of infidelity.

What is done in the dark always comes out in the light. If you're worried about cheating, based on facetime with someone else, in my opinion, then nothing is going on. It's all friendly, especially if you know that your mate is facetiming someone else.

If you are worried about this, I think you should be more worried about what your partner is doing that you don't know about as opposed to the conversation you get to witness right in front of your face. This sounds like insecure behavior and if you make a big deal about Facetime it will probably get you cheated on in the future. Check out what the Cap District had to say:

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