We see you out there cap region! Y'all got skillz on the dance floor! The new dance The Nae Nae is the hottest dance right now, can you do the Nae Nae & teach us how?

The Dougie was the hottest dance for a minute, but move over dougie & pause twerking, Nae Nae comin thru! I am a good dancer, thank God I was blessed with rhythm, but when it comes to all the latest trendz & dance crazes, we here at HOT 99.1 want you to teach us how to do the Nae Nae!

Upload your youtube video or link to the HOT 99.1 Facebook page, and the viewers will decide who's doin the Nae Nae the best! Then you will have the chance to visit us at the HOT 99.1 studios to be our personal dance instructor & teach us how to do the Nae Nae! We will post you teaching us how to do the Nae Nae up on Hot website!

If you wanna practice, check out We Are Toonz Drop That Nae Nae now!