2 Milly is the latest rapper from Brooklyn with a catchy song and an extremely catchy dance move to match.

Brooklyn. Home of Last year it was Bobby Shmurda, his GS9 click who took the world by storm with his banger "Hot N****" and dance move the "Shmoney Dance".

This year's street phenomenon come from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn native 2 Milly with "Milly Rock", short for "Militant Rock". The song and video were officially released late last year and has been bubbling in the streets and online ever since.

You can't go to any party in New York that plays Hip Hop without hearing "Milly Rock" bang through the speakers. The song and dance has gone viral, from people risking their lives on fire escapes to busting the dance in war zones across the globe. Check out the video below and hit that Milly Rock!