29-year-old Omar McGill born and raised in the heart of Schenectady NY made his official announcement  last Thursday outside at the Schenectady County building stating that he will be running for Schenectady County Legislator District 1 which recently opened up from the passing of former legislator Karen Johnson , if elected Mcgill would finish out the remaining 2 terms.

McGill is qualified to run as he has an impressive resume and educational background.  He began working at the NY Assembly almost 6 years ago and currently is working for the State Senate in Albany NY. He was also a standout  student at both Albany Academy and at Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia. During his time at Morehouse College, McGill founded the non-profit organization named Epic Inc . Epic Inc is a not for profit organization where he mentors and works with youth and young adults on collegiate readiness, health awareness, and community service.

McGill said some of his top priorities, if elected to what would be a two-year term, would be to focus on revitalizing neighborhoods and helping to improve the relationship between police and communities of color.

If you live in Schenectady County District 1 voting opens up November 5th. To learn more about potential candidate Omar McGill follow on Facebook @OmarMcgill.