I just got back from a Labor Day weekend trip that afforded me the opportunity to spend some time on the New York Thruway and not only was it expensive...it was crazy dangerous.

I drive pretty fast (BTW I'll deny that in court if it ever comes up), but I was being blown off the road by cars and trucks speeding well over the speed limit. It was especially dangerous in the many work zones on the Thruway.

Because of the danger and the need to slow drivers down in work zones, there is a new program that police and lawmakers hope will encourage people to slow down in work zones. The plan is Senate Bill SB4682b, the bill was signed by Governor Kathy Hochul right before the Labor Day weekend. Here's what the bill hopes to set up.

"Relates to establishing a demonstration program implementing speed violation monitoring systems in work zones by means of photo devices"

What this means is that very soon speed cameras will be installed in work zones all along the Thruway to catch speeders. With fines doubles in work zones, these are going to be really expensive tickets.

In the past, State Troopers had tried to slow down drivers in work zones with Operation Hard Hat. Troopers dressed as construction workers ran radar in construction zones to bust speeders. It was pretty successful, but the speed cameras will have the opportunity to bust a lot more speeders.

As of right now, we don't know when and where the speed cameras will be installed.

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