It is very difficult to find people to work since the pandemic so a local brewery has come up with a clever idea to let beer lovers know they are hiring. Bolton Landing Brewery has produced a New England-style IPA that they cleverly call "Help Wanted". They are hoping it will get in the hands of those looking for work at the brewery.

There is a significant staffing shortage and heading into the busy season in the Lake George region, Bolton Landing Brewery needs to fill positions. They created the beer that they aptly named "Help Wanted" with who they are looking for on the can.

The cans read:

Fan of our beers, like this juicy New England-style IPA? Got some free time on your hands? It sounds like you should try enjoying these great beers as a member of the Bolton Landing Brewing family!

Branden Murnane who is in charge of hiring says that he has been looking to fill three job openings in his taproom for months now.  So he came up with the idea of the "Help Wanted" IPA because he said since they were sending out beer for distribution, why not send an ad out with it?

The New England IPA is brewed with Amarillo strata and centennial hops. Help Wanted is a classic style of beer with a juicy take. Customers love it and local business owners are getting a kick out of it according to the Post Star.

There are a few factors for the shortage of workers including the lack of foreign workers, the extended unemployment benefits, and finding childcare for those who do want to work.

Murnane says that they will brew another batch of the Help Wanted IPA if it means finding the workers they need. He says it may not be until September, but they are going to try and figure it out.

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