Ever scroll through Tik Tok and watch videos people post with the most beautiful views and scenic landscapes?  Maybe it's a place they're staying at or traveling to, and always in the background is some inspirational music?  I know I do - and when I see them, that's when I start contemplating my life, wondering why I rarely make it south of New Jersey

Recently, I came across a viral video by a woman named Kelly, who goes by kmspice on social media giant Tik Tok.

The 15-second video clip shows a home in Upstate NY that is literally built on a waterfall - don't ask me how that's possible - but it's pretty amazing.

Her Tik Tok has generated nearly a million "likes" and sent people (like me) scurrying to find out where in New York this is.

My online travels brought me to the home - which is actually an Airbnb -  in Roxbury, New York, about an hour and a half southwest of Albany in the Catskill Mountains aptly called the Roxbury Waterfall House.

We're told that availability is scarce  (people seem to be not only chasing waterfalls but sleeping near the rivers and lakes that were used to) and if you can book a room, it's moderately priced at $300/per night.

What the near 5-star-rated Roxbury Waterfall House lack in size, it more than makes up for picturesque beauty that truly makes it a one-of-a-kind magical experience, worth the wait to stay there!

Watch the viral kmspice Tik Tok here, followed by a picture gallery of the property, inside and out!

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