"Officers Gervais and Peasley got a call on Glen Haven Square for a fawn that had its leg stuck in a fence this morning...Mom was in the woods but wouldn't approach so they had to shoo the fawn into that direction so it could find her" - Town of North Greenbush Police Facebook


Photo: N Greenbush NY Police Facebook
Baby fawn gets help from N Greenbush police after it was caught in a fence

We've said it once, we'll say it a thousand more times - when you work in law enforcement and put that uniform on each day, there's no way of truly knowing what lies ahead.

This was the case on Thursday when, according to their post on Facebook, officers from the Town of North Greenbush Police Department got a call about a baby fawn stuck on a fence at Glen Haven Square.

The video below posted below, shows one officer gently freeing the scared baby while its nervous mom watches in the distance.

Helplessly stuck, Bambi's life was more than likely at risk.  And had it not been for the responding officers, it was only a matter of time before a predator would have seized the opportunity for a quick and easy meal.

Watch how moments after being set free, it looked back at one of the officers, briefly pausing to say, "Thank You!"

Once the little guy got its bearings, it was evident that the fence didn't do any real harm to the baby and after a gentle nudge from the kind officers, it hopped back into the woods where it was reunited with mom.

Here's the video and Facebook post made public by the North Greenbush Police Department:

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